It’s high time for a veggie burger, McDonald’s!

Vegan author Kathy Freston has launched a campaign petitioning Don Thompson, the CEO of McDonald’s, to add a mainstream meatless option. Right now the most veg-friendly option would be ordering a chicken wrap, and asking them to hold the chicken . . . not ideal. Some of McDonald’s biggest competitors, including Chipotle, Burger King, and Subway, already offer veggie options (apparently at the Chipotle locations that offer it, the tofu Sofritas option accounts for 4 to 5 percent of sales). Canada is way ahead of the US: KFC offers vegan chicken, and McDonald’s offers veggie wraps.

The petition already has 98,197 supporters, including Ellen Degeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Mark Bittman, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Russell Simmons, to name a few. You can sign here!

A spokesperson for McDonald’s explained that they used to serve a veggie burger, but that it just didn’t take off. Dear McDonald’s, we have the perfect resource to inspire you to come up with one or two or five veggie burgers that are packed with flavor, nutrients and no meat whatsoever: Veggie Burgers Every Which Way by Lukas Volger. Wouldn’t you love to have either of these as a quick lunch option? Talk about a happy meal.


Left: Baked Cauliflower Burger; Right: Thai Carrot Burger | photos by Christina Heaston

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