ISBN: 9781615190195
Published: July 13, 2010
Price: $16.95 US / $25.95 CAN
Paperback: 192 pages
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Veggie Burgers Every Which Way
Fresh, Flavorful and Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers–Plus Toppings, Sides, Buns and More

Tasty, Exciting, Inexpensive–Veggie Burgers Every Which Way!

Whether you already subsist on veggie burgers, enjoy them occasionally, or ardently wish there was an alternative to the rubbery, over-processed frozen burgers sold in cardboard boxes, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way is the book for you–one you will want to cook from over and over again.

Author Lukas Volger, who has been making and eating veggie burgers since he was a teenager, has assembled more than thirty unique, delicious veggie burger recipes including:

  • Red Lentil and Celery Root Burgers
  • Tofu and Chard Burgers
  • Baked Falafel Burgers
  • Thai Carrot Burgers
  • Sweet Potato Burgers with Lentils and Kale
  • Corn Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

More than half the burger recipes are vegan and/or gluten-free, as are many of the extras, which include buns, sides, toppings, and condiments. Everyday ingredient choices ensure that all the burgers and extras are a breeze to assemble. The wide variety of tastes and flavors will excite every palate and suit every craving and occasion. And dozens of mouthwatering photographs leave no doubt that great-tasting veggie burgers can look spectacular, too!

“Lukas Volger reversed my veggie burger cynicism.”
Martha Rose Shulman, The New York Times

“Vegans and vegetarians (and others eating meatless) often resort to cooking frozen veggie burgers out of a box . . . [with Veggie Burgers Every Which Way], you can whip up the real deal: great-tasting colorful homemade variations with fresh produce, whole grains, beans, rice, bread crumbs, spices, and herbs. They will be as good as the ingredients that go into them . . . Appealing topping, side, dressing and bun options are included, too.”—Los Angeles Daily News

“One of Volger’s best veggie burgers combines a variety of mushrooms and barley, combining foresty and nutty flavors you’d find in a wintertime wild mushroom soup . . . Try going back to eating one of those frozen soy burgers after that.”—The Oregonian

“Volger’s excellent new book, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, should not be thought of as just for vegetarians . . . it is the variety and creativity of the recipes that makes this new cookbook stand out. Recipes such as his Tuscan White Bean Burger . . . are sure to get just about any carnivore’s mouth watering.”—CBC News

“Who knew shredded carrots or quinoa could be so deliciously molded into a pattie? And satisfy a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“This is a small volume with a big mission: to up the flavor profile of this particular vegetarian genre.”—Washington Post

“Lukas Volger . . . elevates the vegetarian burger to its rightful status as real food.”—Montreal Gazette

“The world of burgers has just grown bigger, fresher, more colorful, and deliciously diverse thanks to Lukas Volger’s back-to-basics approach to the veggie burger. Summer barbecues may never look the same again!”
Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In and the blog NotEatingOutinNY

“This is the book we have been waiting for, and perhaps you have too? A vegetarian and vegan cookbook that actually adds something to our groaning kitchen bookshelf. . . . The book is simply designed and very easy to follow. The mouth-watering photographs leave no doubt that great-tasting veggie burgers can look spectacular. Volger elevates the vegetarian burger to its rightful status as real, imaginative and fun food. . . . 10 out 10! Buntastic!”Permaculture (UK)

In the first printing of Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, Mushroom Burgers with Barley is incorrectly denoted as gluten-free in the table of contents and on page 64. In fact, barley is a wheat-free grain, but it is not gluten-free. Some people who follow a wheat-free diet are able to eat barley, while people who follow a gluten-free diet do not eat barley.
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Lukas Volger is the author of three cookbooks, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, Vegetarian Entreés That Won’t Leave You Hungry and, most recently, Bowl. He is also the founder of Made by Lukas, a premium veggie burger company established in 2013, and editorial director of the biannual magazine Jarry. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.