David Michie

David Michie, PhD, is the internationally published author of Buddhism for Busy People, Hurry Up and Meditate, and numerous other books, including a successful series of novels featuring the Dalai Lama’s cat. He is a meditation coach to both secular and Buddhist audiences, and a cofounder of Organisational Mindfulness, which caters to the corporate sector. Michie holds a doctorate in Communications Strategy.

Mindfulness Is Better Than Chocolate
A Practical Guide to Enhanced Focus and Lasting Happiness in a World of Distractions
Paperback | $14.95 US / $22.95 CAN

Distractions are everywhere these days. Our thoughts drift to what we need to do tomorrow, or what went wrong yesterday. Even pleasurable things—like eating chocolate—don’t receive our full attention. We miss out on joy that is easily within reach! In … Continue reading