ISBN: 9781615192861
Publishing: April 4, 2017
Price: $24.95 US
Paper Over Boards: 336 pages
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Good Veg
Ebullient Vegetables, Global Flavors—A Modern Vegetarian Cookbook

Globally inspired, boldly flavored—200 supremely inventive recipes for the growing legions seeking delicious new veg-centric options for every meal

Modern, morning-to-night vegetarian fare—globally inspired, boldly flavored, and for every occasion!

For years, chef and cookbook author Alice Hart has been crafting—and sharing—“recipes for giving pleasure.” Now, Good Veg showcases ebullient vegetables, fruits, and grains—in inventive, reliable dishes to sustain you (and family and friends) all day, through every season. Hart’s food surprises and thrills through contrasts (think crisp and soft, sweet and sour, chile heat and refreshing herb):

  • Roasted Carrot Soup with Flatbread Ribbons
  • Chickpea Crepes with Wild Garlic
  • Brown Rice Bibimbap Bowls with Smoky Peppers
  • Toasted Marzipan Ice Cream

Plus, her thoughtfully organized chapters help you find just the right dish:
Mornings • Grazing • Quick • Thrifty • Gatherings • Grains • Raw-ish • Afters • Pantry

“Whether you’re in search of a quick breakfast, a midweek meal, or a showstopper for a special occasion, you’ll find . . . satisfying dishes for everyday cooking. Hart’s new collection is a great choice for readers seeking vegetarian recipes beyond the ordinary.”—Library Journal

“I could cook from this book every night.”
Nigella Lawson

“The new contender for best vegetarian cookbook on the planet . . . this is so, so special. It is revolutionary. I want to cook and eat everything in it.”
—Gizzi Erskine, UK chef and author of Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic, My Kitchen Table: 100 Foolproof Suppers, Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts, and Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite, TV presenter for Iron Chef

The New Vegetarian could be our favorite yet . . . Alice’s book is bursting with easy, seasonal dishes and twists on old favorites. At a time when we’re all trying to go a little greener, this book is essential.”
Jamie Magazine, by Jamie Oliver

“This beautiful book is full to the brim with recipes that reflect the way we want to eat now: vibrant, joyful food that is not only delicious but healthful as well. I want to cook everything in it!”
Skye Gyngell, Australian Michelin-starred chef and former food editor for Vogue

“This is the best vegetarian book I’ve ever read or cooked from. I absolutely love it and indeed every food lover should own this book.”
—Diana Henry, Irish chef, food writer for The Sunday Telegraph, author of eight cookbooks

“The vegetarian cookbook to end them all, the one that all this Meat-Free Monday and Veganuary and 5:2 Flexitarianism has been leading to: veggie recipes that scrimp on absolutely nothing. You know you should be eating less meat, you know about the eco and health and financial benefits. And this is how to do it.”—Red magazine

“Her food just tastes amazing.”—The Pool online magazine


Alice Hart is a seasoned food writer, editor, stylist, chef, and cookbook author whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. Her previous books include Vegetarian: A Delicious Celebration of Fresh Ingredients and Friends at My Table.