A Holiday Mindful Break for Busy Moms

breathemama-3d-copyBeing a mom is hard. Your whole life is on hyper drive; you can’t get a break. There’s so much to do but not enough time to do it, and those racing thoughts never stop. It feels like it’s stealing all the joy out of being a mother; and devaluing actual free time spent with your children. All you want is one moment of peace, a beacon of relaxation. But that seems impossible. Right? And don’t forget about that frustrating thought looming inside your mind: will there be any time for myself? But the solution is closer than you think.

One busy mama found the answer. She created a one-stop guide called Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5 Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms to share with all the other stressed mamas. The mom in question, Shonda Moralis, is a psychotherapist who specializes in teaching the secrets of peace of mind with her 5-minute mindfulness practices. In sixty-five short, simple, and easy strategies, suitable for every kind of mother—even the hardest working ones—you’ll reclaim your calm.

For example, is there a more hectic time of year than the holidays? Here’s one of Shonda’s suggested mindful breaks to try out this season:

The Holidays Mindful Break: First and foremost, lower those expectations. Everyone will benefit from a loosening up, including you. Be aware of what is under your control and what is not. Plan as best you can—don’t wait around hoping someone else might read your mind and then let it play out however it may. When you find yourself becoming tense or irritated by someone’s behavior that does not meet your preconceived ideals, see if you can be open to and accept the imperfections of the person, of the day, of the event. Often when we look back on these times, it’s the most imperfect moments that hold the most loving sense of nostalgia. As best you can, set up the conditions and then let the rest take care of itself. Sit back, breathe, watch, take part, and enjoy. Target can do it its way—you do it yours.

You can practice mindful meditation over coffee breaks or while breastfeeding, in the carpool line, or really anywhere. Some of the mindful breaks can even include your children—like the 3-Breath Hug. For those busy moms who are so clogged up they can’t even think, this book will become your sanctuary.

Breathe, Mama, Breathe centers on finding calm, connection, and mindfulness within a busy world. These virtues of practicing mindfulness can help any mom achieve perspective, balance, and the opportunity to be more present with and for your family.

For this and other mindful breaks, check out Breathe, Mama, Breathe.


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