12 Days of Books: Day 11–The Nut

So you need a gift for the NUT in your life?

We suggest: DIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters, and More by Melissa King
Nut Milks.UPDATED 3D

Why?: Nuts are great for you (and we ARE talking about your friends & family), and they are also delicious! Luckily, we have the perfect book to satisfy your nutty, nut-loving friends’ needs! (Ok, we’ll stop with the nuttiness.) (Now.)

DIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters & More provides more than 50 nutrient-rich recipes for homemade milks and butters and delicious, whole-food treats to make with the results. This book is perfect for your vegan, allergy-laden, lactose intolerant friends. That being said, with recipes like Maple Vanilla Almond Butter, Strawberry Brazil Nut Milk, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Ice Cream, we don’t think your non-vegan, non-allergy-laden and non-lactose-intolerant friends would turn this one down. Especially, we might add, if they’re looking for a good excuse to break out the food processor.

diyBonus: No matter your nut preference this book has you covered—peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds, macadamias, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, and even SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Yum!

On the eleventh day of December, my uncle gave to me: nuts and lots of butters, albums for new mommies, plants full of power, eight pounds a-shedding, veggies for a-cooking, recipes for playing, knowledge of science, three hundred dinos, a guide to eating vegan, one book on running, and a cookbook that’s all gluten-free!

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