Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day

Usually served with a mountain of melted cheese, pizza has made its way onto any vegan’s  foods-to-avoid list, but if the thought of a fresh-baked slice has your stomach growling, have no fear! This Saturday is Vegan Pizza Day, celebrating plant-based alternatives to the traditional dairy-based pies found in most eateries. Once a rarity, vegan pizza now comes in a variety of styles, from deep-dish to thin-crust, with flavors just as scrumptious as their cheese-topped counterparts.  For both vegans and omnivores, tomorrow’s holiday offers special deals, bake-offs, and a pizza crawl in Los Angeles. The Vegan Pizza Day Facebook page helpfully lists four simple ways to take part:

  • Make vegan pizza!
  • Buy vegan pizza!
  • Consume vegan pizza!
  • Share vegan pizza!

If you’re taking the “Make vegan pizza!” route in the comfort of your own kitchen, Lukas Volger’s Vegetarian Entrées That Won’t Leave You Hungry can get you started with his recipe for whole wheat pizza dough—the perfect blank canvas—and instructions on how to bake, grill, and even pan fry your pizza. You can find Lukas’ recipe below—we’re making it available online for two weeks only! Once you’ve made your dough, it’s time to get serious with the toppings. You can keep it simple with a generous helping of non-dairy cheese or add vegan pepperoni to recreate a classic topping combination. Sliced olives, artichoke hearts, spinach, and roasted red peppers offer a taste of the Mediterranean while refried beans, onions, dollops of salsa instead of tomato sauce, and freshly sliced tomatoes and lettuce create a zesty taco pie. Whether you choose fresh leaves of basil or leave your pizza plain, the possibilities are truly endless.

More information about Vegan Pizza Day and a complete list of city-specific events and discounts can be found on its Facebook page.

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