Your New Favorite Holiday: National Puppy Day

4161558205_fc05e9f7c8Calling all caninophiles!

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day, an unofficial (but adorable) holiday dedicated to those furry little balls of awesomeness. As if we needed an actual day to celebrate them, right? Since its inception in 2006, dog-lovers across the nation have been relishing in the opportunity to shower their puppies with love. After all, studies have shown that dog owners are not only less likely to suffer from depression, but actually lead happier and longer lives than those without a playful pooch to call their own. Longer lifespans AND a constant Friday night companion? Sign us up! But, alas, blatant adulation is only part of the order of the day. Animal activist Colleen Paige founded the holiday as a day to raise awareness for the plight of orphaned puppies across the globe. Her non-profit organization the Animal Miracle Foundation hosts holiday festivals and trade shows throughout the year, bringing along local shelter pets with the hope of finding them a forever home. Interested? Check out a list of events here.

And if adopting a puppy is not on your agenda for the day, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate. How about volunteering at a local animal shelter? Or just bringing your pet on a trip to the local park? You can use Paul McGreevy’s A Modern Dog’s Life to get to know your dog a little bit better:

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