Sharon Palmer quoted in February edition of Today’s Dietitian

Sharon Palmer was quoted in a piece in Today’s Dietitian on vegetarian teenagers, and ensuring they maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

“Today’s kids are being raised by parents who are more aware of food connections, sustainability, and the environmental impact of the food choices we make,” says Sharon Palmer, RD, author of the upcoming book The Plant-Powered Diet, editor of the Environmental Nutrition newsletter, and contributing editor for Today’s Dietitian. “In my generation, those things weren’t talked about so much. Today’s young people are much more in-tune with the environment, and they realize that vegetarianism is a much more eco-friendly way to eat. They also have more access to information, and on websites like YouTube there are videos showing how animals are treated, which are difficult to watch, making them even more concerned about the humane treatment of animals.” [Today’s Dietitian]

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