ISBN: 9781615194704
Publishing: April 17, 2018
Price: $14.95 US / $19.95 CAN
Paperback: 240 pages
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What the Future Looks Like
Scientists Predict the Next Great Discoveries―and Those that Are Already Shaping Our World

Science fact, not science fiction, features in this wide-ranging update from leading experts on the cutting-edge developments that are already defining our future lives and world

Every day, scientists alight on pioneering solutions that will define the future of life on this planet, yet it isn’t every day you hear about these discoveries straight from the scientists themselves. Now, award-winning science writer Jim Al-Khalili and his top-notch team of experts draw on their mastery of groundbreaking scientific research to predict what advancements will shape the future just around the corner and beyond.

Taking in genomics, robotics, AI, the “Internet of Things,” synthetic biology, interstellar travel, colonization of the solar system, and much more, What the Future Looks Like explores big-picture questions like: Will we find a cure to all diseases? The answer to climate change? And will bionics one day turn us into superheroes? Neither celebratory nor alarmist, here is entirely reality-based insight on the science-fueled future that is helping to solve intractable problems—and that’s already unfolding all around us.

“Covers an array of cutting-edge scientific developments and attempts to solve intractable problems. Al-Khalili's team of experts discusses genomics, robotics, interstellar travel, and more.” Publishers Weekly

“A collection of mind-boggling essays that are just the thing for firing up your brain cells.”—Saga Magazine

Jim Al-Khalili is a quantum physicist, author, and broadcaster based at the University of Surrey in England. He received his PhD in theoretical nuclear physics in 1989 and has published more than a hundred research papers on the subject. His many popular science books, including Quantum, have been translated into 26 languages. In 2016 he received the inaugural Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication.