ISBN: 9781615194414
Publishing: June 12, 2018
Price: $10.95 US / $14.95 CAN
Paperback: 128 pages
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Adventures with Zap
107 Creative Prompts for Beginning Writers—for Earthlings Ages 4 and Up

An innovative, much-needed creative workbook for fledgling writers (ages 4 to 8)—the first with a character-driven storyline whose 100+ playful prompts foster essential skills

Kid-tested and teacher-reviewed, Adventures with Zap inspires and guides kids as young as age 4 and up to age 8 in skill-building pre-writing and writing practice. The many playful prompts are thoughtfully linked to a story about a space alien, Zap, from the planet of Vox Nova. On his first trip to Earth, Zap visits a “house of books,” and is later surprised to discover that he’s brought home an unusual stowaway. After trying to befriend the strange creature, he gets scratched, witnesses an attack, and recruits his friend Gooey to help stop the “Earth monster.” Letters from Earth kids offer help. In a land of robots, smart wagons, domed homes, and exotic plants, Zap ultimately learns Meow’s true identity—and must face sending his beloved friend home.

Zap engages kids with an early, confidence-building start to writing by making it personal and fun—whatever level they are at—and unleashing the imagination!

Diane Landy is a writer and longtime volunteer for writing projects in elementary and preschool classrooms. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with her husband and two empty nests for daughters away in college.

Allison Hershey is a professional illustrator whose art has appeared in science fiction magazines and adventure games, including Inherit the Earth and Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventures II.