ISBN: 9781615192373
Published: April 7, 2015
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Paperback: 288 pages
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It’s the Student, Not the College
The Secrets of Succeeding at Any School—Without Going Broke or Crazy

RE: The future is in your hands—not Harvard’s

TO: All students wondering “Can I get into my dream college?”
CC: All parents wondering “Can we afford it?”
FROM: Educational consultant Kristin M. White

MEMO: COLLEGE RANKINGS DON’T MATTER. This claim might sound crazy, but it’s true: Research shows that where you go to school makes little difference to future financial success or quality of life—personal qualities such as ambition, perseverance, and a sense of purpose are all more important.

Kristin M. White has helped hundreds of parents and students look beyond the dream-school hype and focus on what’s most important. Now, in It’s the Student, Not the College, she shows how to avoid unrepayable debt and set yourself up to grow, excel, and enjoy yourself at any school.

Instead of obsessing over GPA cutoffs and SAT scores, students will learn how to build a personal “Success Profile”—by adopting the traits that help stellar students make the grade in school and life. Plus . . .

  • Why what you do in school counts more than where you go
  • 14 surefire ways to develop your Success Profile as a student and beyond
  • Criteria to consider when choosing a college
  • How to find a good fit for your family’s finances
  • And tips for graduating career-ready and landing a great first job.

Expensive, elite colleges have too much sway over the minds and bank accounts of students and parents. It’s the Student, Not the College breaks that stranglehold—and reveals the real secrets of success.

“Challenges the ‘elite college mystique’ and suggests ways of developing a ‘success profile’ in high school that can be maintained and enhanced in college.”—The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Useful advice that puts the emphasis where it should be—on the student. This title will appeal to parents of high schoolers.”—Library Journal

“The book dispels the notion that you need to attend an elite school to be successful and supplies a roadmap on how to distinguish yourself no matter what school you attend. Her book helps families sort through their decisions with confidence and logic.”—The Daily Voice

“Kristin White reframes the college admissions process, challenging students to look inward and develop a personal profile for success. She instructs students and families to look for schools that are academic and economic fits—which also offer opportunities for students to build their own elite experience. An essential new resource!”
Larry Alterman, Admissions Counselor, Michigan State University

“Any parent or young person thinking about college should read this book! White has a very good understanding of the evolving job market, and the relation between college attendance and employment success.”
Michael Bernick, former Director, State of California labor department, and Milken Institute Fellow

Kristin M. White is an educational consultant with Darien Academic Advisors, where she works with students in the United States and all over the world. She has written for several education newsletters and is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the New England Association for College Admissions Counseling. She is also the author of The Complete Guide to the Gap Year. She lives in Darien, CT.