ISBN: 9781615194100
Publishing: September 19, 2017
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Wake Up!
A Handbook to Living in the Here and Now
54 Playful Strategies to Help You Snap Out of Autopilot

Enjoy every moment of your busy life with this guided journal full of easy strategies to help you Wake Up!

The problem: Most of the time, we don’t know Wednesday from Monday or what we ate for breakfast. We’re living on autopilot—working, driving, and moving through life obliviously. And yet, every now and then, we find crystal clarity . . . so what can we do to wake up more often? Chris Baréz-Brown challenges us to shake up our routines with a year’s worth of strategies, such as:

  • Get lost at lunchtime: Autopilot takes over in familiar places. Get lost and open the door to rich and surprising experiences!
  • Steal back time: Schedule a meeting that doesn’t exist, and do something that fills you with joy.

Baréz-Brown offers creative advice with the ring of truth—pushing us to travel outward and inward to new places, and to Wake Up!

Wake Up! is a fantastic book.”—BBC

Praise for the UK Edition:

“Author and TEDx inspirational speaker Chris Baréz-Brown explains how you can be a happier person through quick routine breaks, such as simply standing up.”—GQ (UK)

“A series of balanced, playful and interesting experiences that will capture your attention, engage your imagination and stimulate your senses.”—Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK)

“Nutty resolutions that'll get you out of a rut: Pig out, refuse to look after the grandkids, and pretend to be someone completely different.”—Daily Mail

Wake Up! is a fantastic book and a great intro into making it a Happy New Year!”
Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2

“Another year has gone by and you haven’t managed to achieve what you want to, Chris Baréz-Brown is here to help us escape our autopilot . . . everyone is smiling here thinking that it’s true, we all need to do that.”
Kate Silverton, BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live

“Some self-help books fail to stay with you. Chris Baréz-Brown, however, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and slaps you across the face via a series of experiments and challenges, all with a view to waking you up. You’ll watch no TV for a week, walk through a wood, make a paper airplane and generally be a bit more awake.”—Balance Magazine (UK)

“[This book] reminds us that to make the most out of this extraordinary life, we need to wake up.”—Red Magazine

“Baréz-Brown is asking us to take a look at our lives and ourselves, and to make active choices rather than drifting along and doing what’s simply expected of us. As he says in the book: ‘Time is limited. Let’s not waste it.’ Words to live by.”—Get the Gloss
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Described as a “long-haired, twinkly-eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard” (Guardian), Chris Baréz-Brown has spent the last nearly 20 years helping people unlock their inner genius and teaching folks how to think differently. In 2016 he became a columnist for Psychologies magazine and launched his latest mission: The Great Wake Up! He lives in the UK.