ISBN: 9781615192922
Published: August 25, 2015
Price: $14.95 US
Paperback: 192 pages
Subject: Food & Drink
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The Home Barista
How to Bring Out the Best in Every Coffee Bean

For coffee enthusiasts everywhere, a charming handbook to becoming your own favorite barista

More than 100 million Americans start each day with a cup of coffee (many at no small price)! It’s a fact : We love coffee. Now, in The Home Barista, two professionals reveal the secrets to brewing coffee worthy of the priciest cafés right in your own kitchen.

Connoisseurs Simone Egger and Ruby Ashby Orr enlighten readers with insights and advice from crop to cup and beyond. Savvy, smart, and charmingly designed, The Home Barista guides you through the essentials—from understanding your bean’s origins and establishing your palate to perfecting your technique. It’s the essential coffee-lover’s guide to turning a simple bean into a sensational beverage:

  • Roast your own beans. (Is it worth it? How not to burn them!)
  • Learn all the lingo you need to talk coffee like a pro.
  • Master the elusive espresso (by refining tamp, time, and temperature).
  • Create barista-worthy milk texture and foam designs.
  • Try seven different ways to brew—from the French press to the Turkish ibrik.
“Whether you love a deep, dark roast or a light and creamy latte, Ruby Ashby Orr and Simone Egger have you covered.”—

“The perfect gift or indulgence: an all-essentials guide.”—Publishers Weekly

“The perfect resource guide of any aspiring home barista! . . . All around an amazing book!”—Seattle Coffee Gear

“There is an art to making a good cup of coffee. In The Home Barista, all the secrets and tips are revealed, providing the reader with a true understanding about coffee from start to finish.”—Joy of Kosher
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Simone Egger writes for The Age Good Food Guide and Epicure. She used to wait tables and, for seven years, worked with a charming 1960s, stainless steel Faema E61, brewing Italian coffee to deliver little doses of happiness.

Ruby Ashby Orr made espresso for seven years and was known to drink up to six short blacks in a shift. Since then she’s moderated her caffeine intake (a little) and now edits books in between coffee breaks.