ISBN: 9781615193172
Published: August 9, 2016
Price: $2.50 US
Two-sided reference card
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2017 Moon Calendar Card
Lunar Phases, Eclipses, and More!

Prepare for the Great American Eclipse—and every beautiful moon of 2017—with Kim Long’s classic and handy moon calendar card

This is the moon calendar—eye catching on the front, informative on the back. When Kim Long first designed it in 1982, he little knew that it would go on to be released in 34 yearly editions (so far)!

This sturdy, visual reference card fits in just about anywhere—especially stores serving children, educators, science buffs, stargazers, gardeners, or fishers and hunters (who gauge high tides and bright nights by the Moon). A counter display and suggested retail price of $2.50 make it a perfect impulse option at the register!

  • Hang it on your wall, by your desk, or in your garden shed.
  • Know the exact time of every full moon, new moon, and eclipse.
  • See the back for more detail, including apogees and perigees.
  • And watch the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017: It will be visible nationwide, and turn day to night in places where the Moon blocks the Sun completely!

Three ways to order: 40-copy counter display (978-1-61519-319-6), pack of 40 (978-1-61519-318-9), and pack of 5 (978-1-61519-317-2).

Available in a 40-copy counter display
counter display978-1-61519-319-6
To order, please contact our distributor, Workman Publishing, and reference product number 779319.

Kim Long is the creator of the award-winning Moon Calendar. Between 1984 and 2006, his American Forecaster Almanac was published in 22 annual editions. His is the author or coauthor of many other books, including The Moon Book. He lives in Denver, Colorado.