ISBN: 9781615190973
Published: October 22, 2013
Price: $19.95 US
Hardcover (Hidden Spiral): 96 pages
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My Baby Album with Sophie la girafe

Featuring the wildly popular teether toy from France—Sophie la girafe—a charming album for capturing memories from birth through baby's second birthday

What parent doesn’t want to record their baby’s start in life, rich as it is with once-in-a-lifetime moments and firsts of all kinds? Now My Baby Album with Sophie la Girafe® offers the perfect place for parents to capture every unforgettable moment and occasion.

This large-format album features Sophie, the wildly popular French toy giraffe who has taken America by storm and is already a part of so many babies’ lives, plus a colorful menagerie of her animal friends, and other modern illustrations (suitable for girls and boys). A hidden spiral binding, sturdy board covers, and a built-in elastic band will keep your treasures safe. Sophie provides designated spaces to record all the milestones and details of baby’s life, including:

  • family tree
  • baby shower
  • birth announcement
  • first bath
  • first haircut (with envelope for first lock of hair)
  • eating habits
  • nighttime habits
  • first holiday
  • first vacation
  • first steps
  • favorite activities
  • family resemblances
  • first words and amusing phrases
  • second birthday
  • and more

Readers can create 16 of their own themed pages inspired by their baby’s unique journey, making this a baby album just waiting to be personalized and sure to be cherished.

“Sophie la Girafe has come out with a new baby book series that is simply ADORABLE. I cannot get over the cuteness of these books! Oh, they are just so dang CUTE!”—
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Sophie la girafe was born in France on May 25, 1961. An undisputed star from the start, Sophie first made her way to America several decades ago, and has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The more than 30 million people worldwide who have purchased the teething toy help to make Sophie the most recognizable and beloved giraffe on earth.