10 days into the new year, and it’s already feeling tempting to sink back into old habits and patterns – especially when it comes to those healthy eating and exercise resolutions we make year after year. Nothing really changes, you say to yourself, … Continue reading

Every year the lane change from holiday indulgence to New Year, New You is so fast it can be a little whiplash-inducing. The Christmas cookies probably haven’t even run out by the time we’re supposed to be eating healthier, exercising … Continue reading

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The holidays are fast approaching and for many of us that means special treats: brown sugar with a side of yams, too many kinds of pie to choose just one, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, and so. many. … Continue reading

Looking to up the creepy-factor for your Halloween party decorations? This slime recipe is perfect for kids ages 2-6. Put it in a bowl with a bit of cooked spaghetti, cover with a box complete with a hand-sized hole, and … Continue reading

The last few years have seen a major cultural shift towards “waking up.” Whatever the reason for the shift, becoming “woke” is now a process, and not the default mode in which we exist. And nowhere is our need to … Continue reading

Happy World Vegetarian Day! World Vegetarian Day occurs every year on October 1st and was created to celebrate the healthy, compassionate option of going meat-free–even if only for one day! Eating meat-free for even one day a week, or one … Continue reading

Space buffs, scientists, nature-lovers, and beyond are counting down the days to August 21st—and for good reason. Beginning at 9am in the northwestern United States and continuing on until about 3pm in the southeast, a solar eclipse will sweep the … Continue reading

What’s the hot new trend this summer? Dot Journaling. It’s the modern twist on the journaling/planner tradition that fits perfectly with our busy lifestyle. It’s a creative and colorful mix of daily planner, diary, and to-do list for every aspect … Continue reading