Encountering Kathleen Jamie’s Sightlines

When I first encountered Kathleen Jamie’s Sightlines I was entranced by her unusual power of description. One of the most bewitching essays in the book (note: They are all good) is The Hvalsalen, in which Jamie recounts a visit she made to the University Museum of Bergen in Norway and its famous whale hall. The museum was kind enough to allow us access to their footage of the whale hall. We used it to create the video below.

One Response to Encountering Kathleen Jamie’s Sightlines

  1. Matthew Lore says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to have spoken with Kathleen Jamie on the phone a couple times – getting to hear her beautiful Scottish brogue on those calls makes me wish we spoke daily. Watching this video, and listening to Kathleen read from what may be my favorite essay in the book (although, yes, per Jack’s post, they are all good – really good), I’m reminded how much I love to hear authors read their own work. However distinctive a writer’s voice is in print (and Kathleen’s is among the most distinctive of any writer’s I’ve ever read), having heard the author him or herself read – especially when their spoken voice is as distinctive as Kathleen’s – indelibly inflects my own subsequent reading of their work: Joan Didion, Harold Brodkey, Sharon Olds, and so many others. If only audio tape had been invented back when Jane Austen was writing. . .