Nora Rosendahl and Nelli Lahteenmaki and Aleksi Hoffman
Nelli, Aleksi & Nora_for web

Nora Rosendahl, Nelli Lahteenmaki, and Aleksi Hoffman are co-founders of the wellbeing YOU-app. Nora, an engineer who previously worked for some of the world’s largest companies, is the editorial engine behind the micro-actions on the app and in this book. Nelli is an engineer, entrepreneur, and musician who previously worked in sales. Aleksi is an engineer and former competitive cyclist with a passion for behavioral change who steers the direction of the mobile app.

Healthy, Happy You
365 Daily Micro-Actions for Lasting Change
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A Nielsen study in 2015 found that Americans’ top New Year’s resolutions are to improve health, fitness, and happiness. But it’s hard to make a change. Everyone struggles with finding the perfect “work-life balance,” and figuring out how to feed … Continue reading