Edmund Harriss

Edmund Harriss is a well-known mathematical artist. He has a PhD in math from Imperial College, London, and is currently an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas. His research has appeared in Nature, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, and the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. He has also led workshops at many math clubs and circles, and at the Museum of Mathematics in New York. He is the academic director of Epsilon Camp, a summer camp in the US for mathematically gifted students ages 7 through 11.


Patterns of the Universe
A Coloring Adventure in Math and Beauty
by Alex Bellos Edmund Harriss
Paperback | $14.95

Math is at the heart of many natural wonders and has an abstract beauty all its own—in the silhouette of a snowflake, the spiral seeds of a sunflower, and the symmetry of the Sri Yantra mandala. From the 4-D hypercube … Continue reading

Visions of the Universe
A Coloring Journey Through Math's Great Mysteries
by Alex Bellos Edmund Harriss Alex Bellos Edmund Harriss
Paperback | $14.95

For curious minds throughout history, math was truly an art. In Visions of the Universe, you can pick up right where Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, and other luminaries left off—by coloring 58 exquisite patterns inspired by great discoveries in math: … Continue reading