Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones is an award-winning cookbook author, app developer, and blogger on the Calories In, Calories Out website. She has written numerous cookbooks, including Eating for Pregnancy with Rose Ann Hudson, RD, LD, and Eating for Lower Cholesterol with Elaine Trujillo, MS, RDN. She is the founder of the nonprofit Share Your Calories, created to build the first-ever weight-loss app with a social-giving component. She promotes calorie awareness, energy balance, and wellness at every opportunity. Catherine lives with her family in Bethesda, MD. She is a graduate of Connecticut College and La Varenne Culinary School in France.

The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook
200 Everyday Recipes That Take the Guesswork Out of Counting Calories—Plus, the Exercise It Takes to Burn Them Off
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You know that balancing the calories you take in and burn off is the foundation of weight control. But actually achieving that balance between eating and exercise is a daily challenge for most of us. Now, The Calories In, Calories … Continue reading