Alex Bellos

Alex Bellos‘ bestselling popular math books have been translated into more than 20 languages. He writes about math for the Guardian and frequently speaks at conferences, in schools, and beyond. The Association of British Science Writers named his blog the Best Science Blog of 2016. Bellos is also the coauthor of two math coloring books with Edmund Harriss and the inventor of LOOP, an elliptical pool table.

Patterns of the Universe
A Coloring Adventure in Math and Beauty
by and
Paperback | $14.95

Math is at the heart of many natural wonders and has an abstract beauty all its own—in the silhouette of a snowflake, the spiral seeds of a sunflower, and the symmetry of the Sri Yantra mandala. From the 4-D hypercube … Continue reading

Visions of the Universe
A Coloring Journey Through Math's Great Mysteries
by and
Paperback | $14.95

For curious minds throughout history, math was truly an art. In Visions of the Universe, you can pick up right where Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, and other luminaries left off—by coloring 58 exquisite patterns inspired by great discoveries in math: … Continue reading

Can You Solve My Problems?
Ingenious, Perplexing, and Totally Satisfying Math and Logic Puzzles
Paperback | $15.95

Long before Sudoku swept the world, the Victorians puzzled over relationships (If two men each marry the other’s widowed mother, what is the relationship between their sons?), and the ancient Chinese favored counting challenges (If a cock costs 5 pieces, … Continue reading