ISBN: 9781615192601
Published: July 28, 2015
Price: $2.50 US
Two-sided reference card
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2016 Moon Calendar Card

Know the Moon’s phase at a glance every day with this convenient and popular reference card

The first of its kind in 1982 and a perennial fan favorite, this attractive annual calendar features a realistic moon image for every day of the year. The reverse includes the exact times of 2016’s eclipses (including a total solar eclipse), apogees and perigees (days the Moon is farthest from and nearest the Earth), and every full, new, and quarter moon. Available in a 5-pack, 20-pack, or 40-copy display, the 2016 Moon Calendar Card is a sure hit with kids—and a great gift for:

  • Amateur astronomers and sky watchers
  • Fishermen and sportsmen keeping track of the brightest nights and changing tides
  • Gardeners who follow age-old planting wisdom
  • And followers of the many faiths that mark time by the lunar calendar.

Whatever your reason for moon watching, you won’t miss a thing with the 2016 Moon Calendar Card!

Three ways to order: 40-copy counter display (978-1-61519-265-6), pack of 20 (978-1-61519-261-8), and pack of 5 (978-1-61519-260-1).

Available in a 40-copy counter display
counter display978-1-61519-265-6
$100.00 US
To order, please contact our distributor, Workman Publishing, and reference product number 779265.

Kim Long is the creator of the award-winning Moon Calendar. Between 1984 and 2006, his American Forecaster Almanac was published in 22 annual editions. His is the author or coauthor of many other books, including The Moon Book. He lives in Denver, Colorado.