ISBN: 9781615194162
Publishing: October 31, 2017
Price: $25.95 US
Hardcover: 288 pages
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Rogues’ Gallery
The Rise (and Occasional Fall) of Art Dealers, the Hidden Players in the History of Art

An irresistible history of art dealers— a “roll call of rakes and eccentrics” (Observer)—by an expert with “a backstage pass to this . . . obsessively secretive profession” (Telegraph)

Insider and acclaimed author Philip Hook pulls back the curtain on the world of art dealers, those hidden players in history who peddled masterpieces to royalty, moguls, and museums. From its beginnings in 15th-century Antwerp to the rich hauteur of contemporary galleries in New York, Paris, and London, art dealing has evolved through the brilliance and cunning of these “purveyors of fantasy”—tailors, spies, anarchists, scholars, and aristocrats among them.

This parade of the savviest, most heroic (and sometimes duplicitous) art dealers includes Joseph Duveen, largely responsible for the mass migration of Old Master works from Europe to America; Paul Durand-Ruel, the Impressionists’ champion; Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, high priest of Cubism; Leo Castelli, dealer-midwife to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, and dozens of others.

“A lively exploration of the history of art and the tastemakers and dealers whose influence in shaping it is often overlooked.”—Kirkus

Praise for the UK Edition:

“Fascinating . . . both wise and timely.”—Guardian

“Makes even the most heinous acts it describes glint with comedy.”—Sunday Times

Philip Hook is a board member and senior director of Impressionist and Modern art at Sotheby’s. He has over 40 years’ experience in the art market as an auctioneer and a dealer. His previous acclaimed books include Breakfast at Sotheby’s: An A–Z of the Art World and The Ultimate Trophy: How the Impressionist Painting Conquered the World. He lives in London.