ISBN: 9781615194292
Publishing: October 3, 2017
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How to Read Nature
Awaken Your Senses to the Outdoors You've Never Noticed
Awaken Your Senses with 15 Exercises—Taste Direction, Smell Time, Hear the Weather, and More

There’s a whole world of natural curiosities you’ve been missing. Learn to reawaken your senses and see the outdoors anew!

When most of us go for a walk, a single sense—sight—tends to dominate our experience. But when New York Times—bestselling author and leading natural navigation expert Tristan Gooley goes for a walk, he takes in everything nature has to offer, using all five senses. The sky, sea, and land teem with marvels, and Gooley need only take a few steps outside before he’s lost in wonder.

But to the inexperienced observer, these curiosities are hidden in plain sight. Take, for example, the humble prickly lettuce. As Gooley explains, few would notice it, and yet it can be “your compass, your calendar, your clock, your grocer, your etymological teaser, your pharmacist, and now your quiet companion.” With How to Read Nature, filled with Gooley’s hard-won wisdom and 15 exercises to sharpen your senses, you’ll never look at nature the same way again!

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Tristan Gooley is the New York Times–bestselling author of The Natural Navigator, The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs, and How to Read Water. His passion for the subject of natural navigation stems from his hands-on experience. He has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa, and Asia, sailed small boats across oceans, and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He is the only living person to have both flown solo and sailed single-handedly across the Atlantic, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation and the Royal Geographical Society. Prior to setting up The Natural Navigator school, Gooley gained extensive experience in the travel industry, and he is currently Vice Chairman of Trailfinders. He and his school can be found online at