The Experiment’s Gift Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner: we’ve all got at least one, but most of us know several amazing mothers! With a catalog that’s brimming with pregnancy & parenting books, The Experiment has plenty of great gifts to offer up to any and all the moms you know and love, whether they’re deep into their parenting careers or still just expecting. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, organized below according to the kind of mother that each will appeal to:

…for the mother of a beautiful newborn:

Baby's-First-Months_StickerBaby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe

We’ve already raved about how much we ♥ Sophie (the #1 teether toy), but we’re even more excited about the latest addition to this little girafe’s swelling roster of top-notch baby books. Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe is a daily log book to help the mother of your choice keep track of her child’s evolving body rhythms, eating and sleeping patterns, social development, and so much more! Not only does this pocket-sized journal help simplify doctor’s appointments and childcare coordination, but it will help etch lasting memories for a lifetime!

9781615192038Small Talk

Parents are a child’s most valuable resource when it comes to learning to talk. In Small Talk, speech and language therapist Nicola Lathey and parenting journalist Tracey Blake demystify the six stages of language learning, from “Pre-Babble” to “Complete Sentences,” so that any mother can tune in to what their child is saying—or trying to say! The book covers topics such as why the babbling stage is so important, how to encourage a baby’s first words communication techniques to calm down angry toddlers, and the impact of TV on speech development. Small Talk is a great book for any mother whose child is on the cusp of developing language skills.

…for the mother of a curious young one:

9781615192182Recipes For Play

A blend of curiosity and new experiences is absolutely essential for any child’s development, and that’s exactly what you get with this delightful 2014 title. Packed with activities and ideas that inspire children to explore the world around them, Recipes For Play is a great gift for any mother who wants to grease the gears of their child’s innate curiosity. Not only are these childhood experiments vital for development, but they provide hours of entertainment for mother and child alike.

9781615192687Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater

Do you know someone who is struggling to get their son or daughter to eat something beyond chicken nuggets? Pediatrician Nimali Fernando and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (aka Dr. Yum and Coach Mel) have an answer! The co-authors know the importance of giving children the right start on their food journey—for good health, motor skills, and even cognitive and emotional development. In Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater, they explain how to expand your family’s food horizons, avoid the picky eater trap, identify special feeding needs, and put joy back into mealtimes. This book is sure to help a mother guide her child on the path to adventurous eating at any stage in their development.

…for the mother of a teenager:

9781615190782Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore

Raising a teenager can be tough. Best friends can turn into crushes—or bullies—overnight, and suddenly everything is so embarrassing! Connecting with someone who not so long ago was your baby and now only responds in shrugs and eye-rolls is difficult, and takes open, respectful communication. In Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore, Sue Sanders guides by example with 25 conversations and moments she has shared with her daughter, Lizzie. If you know a mother whose independent child is giving them headaches, this book might just help them navigate that difficult time.

9781615190270Old Dogs, New Math

Unfortunately, the “good old days” when elementary students simply memorized their times tables and struggled through long division, have come to an end. Today, students are expected not just to find the right answer, but also to choose the best method for doing so—and to explain why it works. Lots of children need help with their math homework at some point, but these days, so do many parents! Old Dogs, New Math is the textbook of today, updated for the student of yesteryear. If you know someone who has been struggling to help their son or daughter with homework assignments, this book is the perfect aid to help a parent help their child.

…and beyond!

The Experiment offers so many great books for parents that we’ve set up a dedicated category for them on our website. Be sure to check back later, because the rest of our 2016 list is positively stacked with fun gifts and great resources for parents: A Teen’s Guide to Gut Health, Baby’s Handprint Kit and Journal with Sophie la girafe, Boost Your Breast Milk, and Breathe, Mama, Breathe are all scheduled to publish this Fall!

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