My Week at The Experiment

The Experiment's publisher (and Swarthmore alum) Matthew Lore with Swarthmore extern Annie Tvetenstrand

The Experiment’s publisher Matthew Lore with Swarthmore extern Annie Tvetenstrand

Hello! I’m Annie, and I’ve just spent a week interning at The Experiment as part of my school Swarthmore’s externship program. I’ve had a wonderful time working here. Some of my projects included doing research, proofreading, and editing the coding for eBooks. I was also responsible for the package labels used to mail out the spring 2013 catalog. So if you’re receiving one, that label was all me!

I’ve learned so much even just in my short time here, not only about the process of selecting and preparing books for publication, but also on the subject matter of the books themselves. After reviewing Dinner for Dogs, I now know how to prepare a nutritious meal for my dog, Watson. Likewise, due to the multitude of vegan cookbooks, I’m well prepared should I ever decide to forgo animal products. And last night at dinner, I enlightened my family with a brief history of the first successful attempt to treat cancer at the genetic level, thanks to The Philadelphia Chromosome.

This is my last day of work, and I’m sorry to leave—everyone’s been so welcoming and willing to answer all of my questions. Even after I’ve gone, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for The Experiment’s books. Thanks to everyone!

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